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NaturidgeLAB™ brings you the latest series of lifestyle wellness products. Developed with our proprietary tech, the main component in these products is the ceramic-alloy material, which emits a unique field Unitatem PRIMIS™ that has shown to aid and enhance immunity as well as energy levels within cells - helping you feel your best!

A Superior Tea Drinking Experience

Anyone who loves tea knows that the perfect brew starts with the quality of the leaves.

RESTORY, a revolutionary ceramic-alloy canister made from our proprietary tech, enhances tea leaves' flavour and releases benefits more effectively. The ceramic-alloy emits a unique Unitatem PRIMIS™ field comprising of the Terahertz waves, which affect the nature of the tea in which it delivers all its nutrients, enabling the full potential for drinking your favourite tea anytime you want!

Tea is known to be a stress reliever, and RESTORY takes it one step further by providing a canister that amplifies those benefits. Whether you're looking for a way to unwind after a long day or want to enjoy a delicious cup of tea, RESTORY can help you REST, RELAX, and RESTORE.

Nature's Aid On A Disc

Birthed from Latin, CURA means cure, care, and healing. Developed with that in mind, CURA aids in your daily well-being, nourishing your body through true hydration. 

The Ceramic-Alloy within CURA emits a Terahertz wave that helps rearrange water molecular structures to smaller clusters, thus enhancing a smoother texture, promoting better absorption, and leading to a more refreshing and hydrated you. 

The CURA is a compact and convenient beverage accessory piece that fits your choice's cup or bottle. Water never tasted any smoother and lighter than it used to.

Nature's Aid In A Flask

Treat your water on the go and revitalize your cell energy.

It is hydration at its finest. The perfect water treatment for your body and mind, the Natura Flask has been equipped with nanotechnology to filter out acidic substances in the water that are harmful to the human body while retaining the quality revitalizing properties and balancing the PH level for optimal health benefits.

Keep nature’s aid in a flask with you anytime & anywhere.

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