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Designed and integrated with the Unitatem PRIMIS™ nanotechnology, this facial roller uses micro-current to gently facilitates lymphatic drainage from skin and muscle tissue, stimulates oxygen flow to the skin, helps with facial toning and improves blood circulation as it massages the skin. It is also suitable for massage on neck, arms and abdomen area.

The MERIDIEM is compact and convenient to bring for travel and outdoor use.


Developed with our proprietary technology, REVIVO compose of nano-carbon and natural elements such as carbon, water and sodium, which are safe on human skin.

Containing SanitatemAlpha™, this compound establishes the following properties:

  • Anti-Ageing

  • Non-Irritant to skin

  • Anti-Inflammation

  • Anti-Oxidant

  • Brightening Properties

Arcis B&C.001.jpeg

Enhance and Energize

ARCIS Waist & Back Support Belt and Knee Support Strap is designed and integrated with Unitatem PRIMIS™ nanotechnology. The multiple round ceramic-alloy contacts on the belt and strap when worn during exercise helps to speed up blood circulation. The round ceramic-alloy contacts form a certain gap between the skin and the fabric to enhance perspiration and ventilation.

These wearables also help relieve inflammation, alleviate pain and boost strength & flexibility.

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