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The Journey

In 2021, JAH Life collaborated with Innovation Factory @ SIMTech* on the development of the PAPILIO Waist & Back Therapeutic Belt. Innovation Factory @ SIMTech supported the conceptualization and industrial design of the product. JAH Life integrated its proprietary tech, the Unitatem PRIMIS™, with the aim of providing back support and muscle recovery for users.

* Innovation Factory @ SIMTech is a partnership between the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and Enterprise Singapore.

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Knee Guard

Experience the power of the PAPILIO in sparking a transformative
"Butterfly Effect" for recovery

The PAPILIO series of therapeutic accessories are designed and integrated with our proprietary Unitatem PRIMIS™ nanotechnology. Embedded with various sizes of the Ceramic-Alloy chips and thoughtfully placed at acupressure point, the PAPILIO provides therapeutic relief to strains & inflammation, promotes blood circulation, and boosts strength & flexibility.


A powerful beacon of new beginnings, like the butterfly, the PAPILIO brings with it the power of transformation to achieve new feats with trust in our technology.

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Neck Aid
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