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A novel multifunctional cosmetic active developed using our proprietary technology. It is composed of nano-carbon and comprises of natural elements that are safe on human skin such as carbon, water and sodium.

Based on an in-depth assessment by a skin testing laboratory, SanitatemAlpha™ was found to be non-toxic at high concentration and do not induced cell death on Keratinocyte and Fibroblast cells. This assessment also established the following key properties found in the active:

~ Anti-Ageing               ~ Anti-Oxidant 

~ Non-Irritant to skin    ~ Anti-Inflammation

~ Brightening Properties

As a cosmetic active ingredient, SanitatemAlpha™ can be easily formulated into any beauty and skincare formulation or base such as, cream for daily moisturizing, medical cream to provide relief to skin inflammation, skin fungal, skin allergies, and facial beauty products.

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