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Brand Story

NaturidgeLAB™ is a product commercial brand under JAH Life. The principle of NaturidgeLAB™ is to bridge Nature and Science and using our proprietary technology creates a series of beauty, health and wellness related products. JAH Life’s proprietary technologies are results of over 20 years of laboratory and practical application research and development.

Aligned to our company’s mission, we seek to bring you a quality wellness in life by bridging the best of nature and technology to you.

JAH Life, a wholly owned subsidiary of JAH Tech was setup in 2020 with a focus to promote health and wellness through our proprietary technologies.


At JAH Life, our focus is to create an innovative platform to engage and work with beauty, health and wellness partners to incorporate our proprietary technologies into their products manufacturing.

Technology. Wellness. Life.


Bringing you quality wellness in life through nature and innovation.

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