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Introducing the PAPILIO: Unleashing the Power of the "Butterfly Effect" for Swift Recovery.


This therapeutic accessory offers versatile benefits to users from all walks of life as the embedded Unitatem PRIMIS™️ technology creates a “Butterfly Effect” that aids recovery across the lower back. Strategically placed round Ceramic-Alloy chips within the belt offer therapeutic relief for strains, inflammations and discomfort coupled with the promotion of blood circulation and the boosting of strength and flexibility.


The Ceramic-Alloy was developed using JAH Life’s proprietary technology that emits a unique field - the Unitatem PRIMIS™️, a certified safe, naturally occurring wave frequency in the spectrum of Far-Infrared and Terahertz. A Scratch Wound Assay by Denova Sciences shows that Unitatem PRIMIS™️ has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes wound closure and wound healing.

PAPILIO Waist & Back Therapeutic Belt (Price in SGD)

Expected to ship by the end of September
  • Hand wash & rinse with mild detergent and hang it to dry. Please avoid scrubbing the chip with any metal or sharp objects.

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